About The Organising Bee

Hi! I'm Amy Kennedy and I am the Professional Organiser behind The Organising Bee.

I like checklists, spreadsheets and plans. I thrive on order and routine and get a buzz out of helping others and giving back to my local community – all major influences in my decision to set up The Organising Bee.


I have 3 young daughters, so I fully understand the demands and pressures of a young family, school life and all that entails and have developed some strong strategies within my household that I hope to share with you. 

I understand what it is like to live in a cluttered, untidy home.

I understand what it is like to live in an extremely tidy home.

I have found balance and have built a happy and organised home.

Through The Organising Bee, I can help you and your family find your ideal balance.
— Amy Kennedy, The Organising Bee

In my life, honesty and integrity are crucial. I am living proof that organisation can be taught.  I grew up in a family home that was happy and lived in, where doing activities for pleasure and being there for one another was valued more than the physical appearance of our home.  My wonderful husband came from a family home which was also happy, but always immaculate, even with 5 children creating havoc. My mother-in-law was a wonder woman!

So needless to say we both had a steep learning curve.  I’ve learned, and can teach you, that minimising clutter in your home can help relieve anxiety, stress and can create a feeling of calm.  My husband has learned that an untidy space doesn't always represent disorganisation.  In fact, untidy people are often very organised people.

I have taught myself strong organisation skills and techniques and how to run a family without missing out on what is important for my family, or for myself. I look forward to teaching some of these skills to you and your family. 

Why should I choose The Organising Bee?

All Professional Organisers are different and it is important to choose one that you feel comfortable with.

Here are a couple of the reasons we believe The Organising Bee could be the right fit for you:

Why do I need a professional organiser? >

If you work demanding hours and just don’t have the time or energy to get things done around the house, we can alleviate some of the stress at home and organise your entire house for you.
— Amy Kennedy, The Organising Bee