The Organise My Time Package is a customized time management plan for you and your family.

Every family is different.  We have different routines, commitments and schedules, but almost every family has a common gripe - we are busy.  There is never enough time.  We can make time stand still, but we at The Organising Bee can provide you with strategies to manage your time more effectively.

Organise My Time packages

Our Organise My Time packages are tailored to your lifestyle and needs, but may include: 

  • establishing daily plans and systems within the home to confidently meet the demands of your household
  • identifying and establishing workable routines
  • daily schedules and checklists for you and your children
  • identifying tools to help you manage the needs of your household
  • creation of reminder checklists
  • meal planning, including children’s lunchboxes
  • grocery/shopping lists

The Organise My Time package is available to purchase as an add-on to your organising session. 

Whilst you can purchase the Organise My Time package without booking an organising session, we highly recommend that you purchase an organising session, as you may find it difficult to implement some of the suggestions highlighted in your Organise My Time package if your space is cluttered or in a disorganized state.

Please contact us for a prices by calling 0477 233 800 or by sending us an email.

If you are feeling like a taxi driving your kids around to all their commitments and training sessions, or find that you are forgetting things, constantly late, having no time to cook a family meal or just overwhelmed with life, we can help you establish routines and strategies to help manage your time more efficiently.
— Amy Kennedy, The Organising Bee