Are you beginning to feel overwhelmed? Take action today.

Image: Amy kennedy

Image: Amy kennedy

Can you believe that is Autumn already?  Where has the year gone?

It’s mind boggling to think are already half way through the Term 1 of the school calendar! What’s even scarier is that on the weekend, I was planning a catch up with a dear friend for May. Yes, May! Where has the time gone?

For most of us the new year brings on a lot of changes – possibly a new job, renewed motivations to exercise more, to learn a new skill, to complete unfinished projects or even the desire to improve your work-life balance.

For those of us with children, we also have new school routines, new or altered extra curricular activities, sports timetables and different homework responsibilities to factor in.

By now it is likely that you have a very good understanding of your new weekly routine.  The days that are going to be challenging, the days that are overly hectic and those which you may actually be able to squeeze in time for a relaxed coffee and cheeky chocolate brownie.

You have either worked out your new routine and it is working well for you (bravo!) or you could be beginning to feel a little overwhelmed - drowning perhaps?

If you are feeling so busy that your life is controlling you, now is the crucial time to stop and make some quick changes. 

Stop and look objectively at your week. Look at your schedule (even writing it down in an old school timetable often helps). Identify the times or days which you are finding difficult. Understand why and look at ways you can change the situation. How can you better manage your time?

Are you finding that you don’t have time to prepare the evening meal and just grabbing takeaway?  Maybe, you could benefit from a meal plan?  Or prepare your evening meal in the morning or the night before?  Or explore healthy home delivery meal options? Are you finding that you don’t have time to do your grocery shopping? Maybe, you could schedule a time each week to do a regular shop? Or look at ordering your groceries online? Is there a particular task that you need to do, but don’t have the time to do it? Maybe, you could to consider getting up an hour earlier? Or is there something is consuming your time that you can let go of or postpone to another time? 

My family routines had a major shake up this year.  Last year, I was very lucky and was able to be at home after school each afternoon with my children. Being home gave me time with my children, to help them with their homework, to prepare dinner at a comfortable pace and to be able to have it on the table by 6pm. This year, our routine has changed so that we am not home until around 5.45pm for half of the week.  These are major changes for my family and I was quickly feeling like I was loosing control.  Our eating habits changed, we were eating quick unhealthy meals and a lot of takeaway, or eating very late which meant our children were getting to bed later than I would have liked. Everyone in our family was beginning to become more tired and grumpier than we had ever been. Homework and reading was being overlooked – we simply didn’t have time.  Or so I thought!

My life was controlling me, and I needed to change this and quickly.

It was not an option for me to continue preparing meals the way I had been, so I changed things up.  I put in place a meal plan that included very quick and easy meals to prepare for the nights that I wasn’t at home until late, so that I could still have healthy meal on the table around our usual meal times. I found a lot of recipes on Google. On our busy days, my children squeeze in their readers and homework in wherever we can – often at the pool whilst their sibling is having their swimming lesson and sometimes whilst I’m cooking.

We are still super busy, but with these simple changes I feel control again and I am organised.

How are you feeling? Do you feel like you would like to regain some control? Start today.

Happy Organising,

Amy Kennedy, Professional Organiser

Amy Kennedy, Professional Organiser

Professional Organiser, Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee supports Canberra families to organise their home and life.

We minimise clutter in the family home and puts in place organising systems to make daily tasks quicker and easier, so that you have time to enjoy life and have time to create those special memorable family moments. Contact Amy Kennedy today