I’ve 'Worked my Wardrobe'… what do I with the clothing I no longer want?

So you have managed to sort through your wardrobe, done a little decluttering and now have bag or 2 of unwanted clothing and accessories that you are ready to say goodbye to?

For some of us, this step can be very difficult and emotional, so give your self a pat on the back.  Good work!

The most important thing is to remove the clothing from your home immediately, before the items mysteriously work their way back into your wardrobe or begin to create clutter by the front door, in your spare room, your garage or wherever else you are choosing to store them.

Decluttering complete & bags of clothes are ready for donation. IMAGE BY AMY KENNEDY

Decluttering complete & bags of clothes are ready for donation.

There are a number of ways to get rid of this clothing and this all depends on your motivations and what is easiest for you. 

The easiest option would be to drop them to your local charity bin – everything gone in one step.  Although, sometimes it is very difficult to let go, especially if you have spent your hard earned money on the items or they hold special memories. Is the thought of throwing them in a large, often overflowing charity bin can be simply overwhelming?  Don’t let this thought stop you. 

If you connect with this, maybe you should look at giving them to someone you know would appreciate them or need them.  Your friends or family, perhaps? Or you could offer them to those in your wider community that are facing some form of hardship.  You could choose group that is close to your heart – someone within your local parish, perhaps victims of domestic violence, the hungry, the homeless or our youth?  

There are many, many groups accepting donations.  We all know about Vinnies, Salvos and The Smith Family and the wonderful work that they helping those in our community, so today, I thought we would explore some of groups that we may not ordinarily consider when donating our clothing in Canberra. This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are a few places accepting donations.  If you know of some others, that I’ve not listed, I would love to hear from you.

Communities@Work Clothing Program - provides men and women in need with free clothing, shoes and accessories for job interviews, work experience or other special events.

CCCares @ Canberra College  - provides children’s clothing (from birth – 5 years) and accessories to pregnant and parenting students from Canberra and surrounding districts.

Karinya House - accept donations of baby clothes in new or very good condition, along with other equipment for babies for the women and babies in their care.

Beryl Women Inc. - accept donations of work clothes and footwear, school uniforms and winter coats for women and their children who are homeless due to domestic violence.

Angel Gowns Australia - create handcrafted gowns from donated wedding dresses to the babies that don’t make it home from hospital. 

Bras Uplift - collects new and second hand bras for women in disadvantaged communities.

Soles4Soles Australia - collects footwear for the disadvantaged in Australia and abroad.

Shoes for Planet Earth - collect new and pre-loved running shoes for those in need around the world.

GiveNow.com.au - a register of charities which take donations of clothing, shoes and many other household items. This site informs you of what happens with your donation, so you can make an informed decision. 

ACT Community Directory (CONTACT Canberra) – whilst they don’t take donations of clothing, this directory is a good reference for services, community organisations and support groups in the Canberra region.

If you would prefer to sell your items there are numerous avenues to do this – but beware selling your clothing takes time and commitment, but the money you make could be well worth the effort.  

You could sell your clothing online, at a local fashion market (think Fash N Treasure), participate in a clothing swap event like the Canberra and Region Multiple Births Association children’s clothing swap or even sell directly to pre-loved designer fashion stores like Material Pleasures in Fyshwick or local consignment clothing stores.   

I hope that I have left you with some food for thought and have made the difficult step of getting rid of some of your once loved clothing just that little easier. A greater purpose.

If your wardrobe is in good need of a good declutter and a little organisation, but have no idea where to start, I am more than happy to guide you and provide hand-on organising support. Feel free to contact me today.

Happy Organising,

Amy Kennedy, Professional Organiser

Amy Kennedy, Professional Organiser

Professional Organiser, Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee supports Canberra families to organise their home and life.

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