Top 10 reasons to be organised

This is a question that I hear frequently, along with:  ‘What is the point in organising when my child is just going to come along and mess it all up again? Isn’t it a waste of my time?”

Image: Amy Kennedy

Image: Amy Kennedy

“Why should I put my book away, I am going to read it again later this evening?”

“Why waste my time putting my shoes away when I am just going to put them on again when I leave the house?”

“I haven’t finished my project, it’s more convenient if leave it out, why should I put it away now when I will have to get it out again?”

“I’m already super busy, when do I have time to organise?

“I don’t like the idea of getting bogged down with to-do lists, isn’t it more fun to live in the moment?”

Sound familiar? They are all valid questions, and ones that I have pondered on many times myself – before I found the joy of organising.

Becoming organised and living within an organised space have many major benefits for both the short and long term. 

Yes, it may feel like adding another task to your already overflowing list of ‘to-dos’ is a backwards step now, wasted time, or unnecessary even. But overcoming the mental hurdle that ‘it is less work for you if you leave your things out when you know that you will use them again’ can be very challenging.  It may be less work now, but it compounds in the long run. 

It is difficult to explain without experiencing the benefits personally, but organisation can have profound and positive impacts on your life.  

Here are some of the top benefits that I have found from being organised:

1. Reduce your stress – clutter is a constant visual reminder of how much you have going on in your life and how much you need to do.  Misplaced belongings within your home, particularly important paperwork and the stress created by the loss of these items can be reduced by a little organisation. 

2. Save you money – by creating a home for your all belongings, you can increase their life as are less likely to get accidentally damaged, dirty or misplaced when not in use, which in turn saves you money in having to replace these items.  By keeping across your paperwork you can avoid late payments and associated late fees. 

3. Reduce the amount of housework you do – okay, this is the big one for me. By having fewer belongings, you have less to put away and less clothing to wash.  The less items you have, the less mess you can make!

4. Have more time for you – if organised, you can be more productive with your time, do tasks more efficiently, less time searching for misplaced items or reworking unfinished tasks and have more time to do the things you want to do.

5. Create calm and a peace of mind – an organised space can bring on feelings of calm as you surround yourself only with the things you love and that make you happy. Your own sanctuary. 

6. Improve your physical health – injuries from tripping, items falling from over-packed shelves or cupboards, even allergies and respiratory issues can reduce in environments with less clutter. 

7. Improve your mental health – good organisation can help you relax and unwind at the end of each day and can assist in alleviating anxiousness, frustration, being overwhelmed or feeling out of control.  

8. Create the feeling of more space – when our tables, bench tops and floors are clear, it feels like our space is larger and if you take it a step further and remove all the items from the home that you no longer use or need you may find you have extra storage space.

9. Create a home which is more inviting – by only having your cherished furniture and belongings within your home, you can create a more relaxing and welcoming space. Depending on your personality, the prospect of having guests enter your home may not be quite as daunting.

10. Develop a sense of pride and confidence in your home and self - completing tasks, meeting your deadlines, on time for your appointments and no more misplaced items as you know where to find everything in your home.

Okay, do you agree, the benefits of organising all wonderful? Something that you would love for yourself, but, here’s the big BUT… you don’t see how? It sounds too good to be true? 

I can understand that, I’m just throwing out benefits with no evidence.  That evidence will come, stick with me here on my blog, The Organising Buzz and we will explore each of these claims in detail – but for now believe that a little organisation can make a positive impact on your life. 

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Happy organising,

Amy Kennedy Professional Organiser

Professional Organiser, Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee supports Canberra families to organise their home and life.

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