Top 6 tips for choosing a diary or planner

Many of us start out the new year with big grand plans.  With bold new years resolutions. We go out and purchase beautiful new wall calendars and pretty day planners with every intention of using them through out the year and then after a few weeks we stop.  All of a sudden it is June and our calendar is still sitting on February.  And our pretty diary is empty. Why is that? 



Odds are it’s because we are not using the right form of calendar for our lifestyle.  

The right form of calendar, you ask?  Yes, if you have gone paperless or are on your computer all day and barely lift a pen to write, it’s likely a day planner or diary won’t work effectively for you.  Likewise, if you are out and about all day making appointments on the run, the odds are a wall calendar won’t work for you either. 

Personally, I love using an online calendar as it fits with my lifestyle. It is with me on my smart phone everywhere I go and I can update it wherever I am – at home, with a client, in the school yard or when I bump into a friend at the shops. It’s quick and easy for me to view my appointments and my children's commitments at a glance. Plus, being online means I can view it on any device - my smart phone, my tablet or my computer.

I have also synced my personal calendar with other members of my family.  For my own family is by far the easiest and quickest way to to keep track of the whereabouts of each member of my family.  I can immediately see if the commitments of my children or my husband collide and gives me advanced warning if I need to reschedule or organise a babysitter.   A joint calendar doesn’t work for every family, and that’s fine, just make sure that you have a system within your household of informing each other of what activities you have each committed to avoid double booking yourself.

So how do you ensure that you have the right from of calendar or diary for you and your family?  

Here are my top 6 tips for choosing your diary or planner:

1.  Simplicity – it is quick and easy for you to enter appointment details and see at a glance what you have on for the day

2.  Space  – it has enough space to record appointments and events for everyone in your family and the crucial details of the event (time, date, address etc) 

3.  Updatable – updating event details or rescheduling events is simple 

4.  Always visible and at hand – you have the ability to store it in an area within your home where you or your family spend the majority of your time

5.  Transportable – you can pop it in your bag (or pocket) and refer to it or update it whilst you are out and about

6. Sends reminders – for important events and appointments (obviously this point refers to digital/online calendars only)

One final point, I highly suggest that you only use ONE form of calendar or diary.  You may be more disciplined than me, but I don’t have time or the patience to enter appointments into more than one calendar (my online calendar, my wall calendar & my diary).  I’m busy and that is 3 times more work than I need!!   

Have fun choosing your diary, calendar or day planner!  If you would like a little advice on what format may work best for you and your family, please don’t feel shy in dropping me an email or even giving me a call.

Happy Organising!

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Professional Organiser, Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee supports Canberra families to organise their home and life. 

We minimise clutter in the family home and put in place organising systems to make daily tasks quicker and easier, so that you have time to enjoy life and have time to create those special memorable family moments. If you would like support, please contact Amy Kennedy