Is there value in setting New Year’s resolutions?

Author: Amy Kennedy


I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t actually see the value in them at all.

Of late, I’ve been reading a lot of articles in the media about the importance of setting New Year’s resolutions and it made me question, “what sort of Professional Organiser am I if I don't believe in writing New Year's resolutions?”.  

That was until I read an article in HomeLife Magazine entitled Are New Year’s Resolutions a Good Idea?.  The answer to my question, I'm a good one!  I am a good Professional Organiser.

Reading this article, it dawned on me that as a Professional Organiser I am not alone with my view.  It’s actually the view held by many accomplished Professional Organisers in my industry that I admire and respect.

So why don't I believe in the value of setting New Year's Resolutions?  Mainly, it's because I feel they are inefficient and they usually don’t work.  We make big grand plans in January, a time when we are on holidays and away from our normal routine and the business of our normal life.  It's a moment when we have a lot more time on our hands to romanticise.

 When we return from our dreamy holidays and resettle back into our normal routines and many of us simply forget to make space or time to achieve the resolutions that we have just set.  By February, they are often forgotten entirely.

So, what is the alternative?  Rather than setting New Year’s resolutions, I believe in setting clear and concise goals throughout the year at a time that is meaningful to you and your lifestyle.  At a time when you can give your goals your attention and focus on achieving them. 

What are you hoping to achieve in the next month? 

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