Why I love my job as a Professional Home Organiser


I absolutely love my job as a Professional Home Organiser. 

There are many reasons why I love my job as Professional Home Organiser & Declutterer.  I get to meet and share stories with some amazing people and support them to create beautifully organised spaces, but the thing I love the most is witnessing the positive change in the level of happiness and confidence that my clients express.

When I first start with a new client and pick up an item and ask them “Where does this belong?”, more often than not I am met with a blank stare, a shoulder shrug or simply an “I don’t know”.  They are often unhappy, embarrassed or simply so overwhelmed that they find it difficult to function.

But after a few sessions with me when I ask exactly the same question, nearly all of my clients are full of exuberance, confidence and assuredness.  They can answer my question within a split second and can tell me exactly where the item belongs or say something along the lines of “I use that when I travel, so let’s put it with my travel stuff”, or “That’s a memory, I’d like to keep it in my memory box”, or “I don’t use it at all, so I don’t think I need it”. 

This small change in mindset and the ability for my clients to make decisions on their own with confidence is something that I really get a kick out of.  I love seeing that proud smile or giggles of excitement when they realise that they can learn to be organised.

Sometimes this new-found confidence simply helps my clients take ownership of their belongings and the spaces within their homes, but more often than not, it gives my clients the confidence to go out and achieve big things.  Things they have not been able to do before.  I’ve had clients thank me for giving them the confidence to start their own business, return to work, begin writing a novel, paint a masterpiece or simply enjoy more time with their families.  All wonderful.

This makes it all worthwhile.  I love my job.  I'm proud to be The Organising Bee.

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Author: Amy Kennedy