Going away this Christmas? Create a Holiday Travel Kit to make packing quicker

For many Christmas is a time we spend with our loved ones, and that often involves travel.

Juggling packing with end of year celebrations can be overwhelming, particularly if you have a large family.  Then there is the game of Tetris to fit everything in the car. All whilst inconspicuously hiding the special something’s from the man in the big red suit!

Holiday Travel Kits make packing quicker

Packing doesn’t need to be stressful, with some organisation and planning it can be as easy as packing for an overnight trip. One way to simplify the packing process is by creating a Travel Kit. This also makes packed items easier to locate at your destination.

A travel kit is a pre-packed container of items that you need for a successful trip, excluding perishables.  Your accommodation, destination and your needs determine what you include in your kit. If you are going to the beach, your kit would include everything you need for a beach holiday. Or if you are camping, your kit would include the items you need when you arrive at your campsite. You can download a copy of the packing list my family uses when we travel, if you would like a guide of what you could include.  

It is important to consider the size of container you use and that they stack well into your car boot or trailer. We've opted for small ones as they are easy to handle.  An inventory of what is in your kit will help you identify that you have everything you need and replace, if necessary. I like to attach it to inside of the lid. Whilst away, you can also add items to the list that you think would be handy for your next trip.

You can store your travel kits in your garage (or any other storage area within your home) and it’s always ready at hand for when you need to travel. Easy!  With a travel kit, you really only need to worry about packing your perishables (if you are not purchasing them at your destination), your clothing, toiletries and anything special that you may need for your Christmas celebrations. 

Please travel safe over this Christmas and holiday season and remember not to over pack and leave plenty of room for the gifts your family may receive for the return journey!

Happy Organising,

canberra professional organiser, amy kennedy

canberra professional organiser, amy kennedy

Professional Organiser, Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee supports Canberra families to organise their home and life.

We minimise clutter in the family home and puts in place organising systems to make daily tasks quicker and easier, so that you have time to enjoy life and have time to create those special memorable family moments. Contact Amy Kennedy today